Do you have damaged skin barrier?

Do you have damaged skin barrier?

damaged skin barrier

damaged skin barriers signs are:

-increase sensitivities

-dry and red patches

-acne, inflamed skin, fungal infections

-dry and scaly skin


Why maintaining skin health is important?

Our skin is a powerful organ that helps to keep infections out of our body and prevent water loss. When the outer skin barrier is damaged, the defense layer is weakened; we get infections through our skin that can cause acne, fungal infections, etc. Environmental stress can also easily penetrate our skin and cause damage. With healthy skin barriers, it will maintain and hydrates our skin throughout the day to prevent minimal water loss, hence it can reduce fine lines and dull dry skin.

Our skin is made of large amount of cholesterols, ceramides, and collagen. If we use the skincare product that help and improve the production of these elements, it can effectively improve the health of skin. Therefore, it will reduce formation of acnes, finelines, and dry patchy skin.


Our suggestions:

In Earth Melody, we like to use a holistic approach for the entire skincare regimen. If our skin is healthy, it can defense against harsh elements. We recommend our Berry Enzyme Night serum with 12 % lactic acid. The lactic acid helps skin renewal and stimulates natural collagen production. Next, we finish off with the Pro-ceramide water cream which contains cholesterols and ceramides that our skin needed as we have mentioned in this article.




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