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Benefit of Body Scrubs

Skin Cell Turnover

There are 3 layers of skin, the top layer is dead skin cells. For ages before 50s, the average skin cell turnover is 2-3 weeks. Skin is our body's largest organ which requires maintenance to keep your skin healthy.

Skin cell turnover is the process of renewing skin cells, by replacing new cells with old dead cells. As we age, the process takes longer, hence we get these dead, rough, and flaky patches of skin. Because of everyday activities, and UV damage, our skin needs extra care and help to assist the new skin cells to replace the old ones.

When dead skin cells take longer to replace and will sit on top of the skin barrier, which can increase the risk of wrinkles, sagging dry patches, and inflammation.

So how do we assist with skin turnover?


Dry Brushing

Dry brushing is a technique by using a natural bristle brush, exfoliating the body gently before taking a bath.  This technique helps to increase blood flow hence it assists the new skin cells to replace the dead skin cells.

dry brushing

Body Polish

These are the main kinds of body polish or scrubs, including salt, sugar, or coffee. Every one of these has their benefit. Coffee helps to decrease cellulite, Salt helps to puff off the rough and dry patches like heels. However, both of these are too rough for sensitive skin. Salt scrub can burn your skin if you have cuts and rashes. Coffee will also clog the drain very easily and it needs to have a high level of preservative to prevent mold. Have you seen a wet coffee ground that has grown mold when you leave it out for a couple of days? 

Meanwhile, sugar is a good option, as sugar retains moisture, and is more gentle than salts. Plus sugar is a self-preserving ingredient. When the sugar scrub blends with nourishing oil and actives it can help the skin feel moisturized, hence it helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines. 

Click here to see a video to show you how I make my sugar polish.


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-Karen Mok



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